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Employing a combination of powerful tools and sources, Moneta's Anti-Corruption work helps ensure your compliance with anti-money laundering rules and regulations.

Our AML services focus on preemptive advice designed to mitigate risks and prevent violations before they occur.  We do this through a combination of tools:


Thorough Due Diligence


Review of Existing Controls

Design & Implementation of suspicious financial transaction monitoring systems to identify and flag potential money-laundering, tax evasion, and terrorism financing-related transactions.

Moneta ensures your compliance with AML rules and regulations, including the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, the Money Laundering Suppression Act, and the Intelligence Reform & Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. 

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer Solutions

Moneta provides services to supplement bank and brokerage firm Know Your Customer processes for onboarding politically exposed persons (PEPs), and other potential high-risk customers.

We have broad experience working on behalf of U.S. banks to conduct AML risk assessments and compliance reviews of their existing and prospective foreign banking relationships.  Moneta has also consulted with and conducted compliance reviews for foreign financial institutions who wish to gain access to the U.S. financial system or maintain relationships with U.S. banks.

Customer Due Diligence

Enhanced Due Diligence

Ongoing Due Diligence

Risk Profiling

Watchlists Screening

Adverse Media, PEP, Sanctions, Enforcement & More

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