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Pre-Investment Background Checks

Domestic and international pre-deal background investigations are at the heart of Moneta’s business.  We delve into the backgrounds and reputations of individuals and companies before transactions, such as acquisitions, financings, and joint ventures.

We verify the professed qualifications and track records of people with whom our clients are considering these deals. We also uncover inconsistencies, omissions, or undisclosed controversies in their backgrounds.

Moneta identifies risk-relevant issues bearing on integrity and reputation, such as Legal disputes Financial problems, Regulatory issues, Media controversies, Undisclosed relationships.

Our clients include:

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Hedge Funds            

  • LIHTC Syndicators

  • Investment Banks    

  • Corporations

  • Venture Capital Firms

  • Government Agencies

  • Capital Lenders        

  • Institutional Investors

Clients come to us before putting their capital or reputations at risk. We conduct thorough and discreet inquiries into the business acumen, reputation, and financial stability of target companies and key personnel.

Comprehensive due diligence so you better protect your investments and make decisions with confidence.

"The team is responsive and able to meet any deadline, which is crucial in the real estate industry. Their professionalism is like no other!"

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