​Moneta streamlines your HR process with its Candidate Connection Process and Investigator's Notebook, which set a great impression with your future hire. ​


Our background checks always uncover the applicant who has inflated his or her work experience, manipulated the information to cover up work experience, lack of work experience,  or any misrepresentations/omissions of the facts.

Avoid the Risks of Not Having a Background Check
2. Choosing Wisely • You might be at ease making yourself believe that you hired the right person. Have you even verified the information he/she provided you?
3. Negligent Hiring • It is your responsibility as an employer to hire the right people for the company. People who are not capable of imposing risks and threats as well as harming other employees.
4. Affirm a Good Reputation • Conducting a background check helps to maintain the company`s decorum and safety. Own that title of having a good reputation and building reliance within the company
5. Commit in Safeguarding the Company • Do not wait for these precariousness to happen. Confide in protecting the company, learn and conduct a background check.

ICI conducts thorough, discreet, and cost-efficient searches. This research entails delving into a candidate’s past performance, verifying all facets of his/her background, and uncovering relevant data that might result in a questionable association or financial risk




Don't Become a Subject of Headlines Like These--

-The Incomplete Resume: An Executive’s Missing Years: Papering Over Past Problems

-A Resume Distinguished By What It Didn't Mention