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Moneta Intelligence Group.  The go-to source for reliable, actionable intelligence for over 25 years. 

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Moneta Intelligence Group is a licensed, full-service, intelligence, investigative + background checking firm headquartered in New York City.

Moneta has been operating for over 27 years. Our highly trained researchers and investigators have extensive experience gathering actionable intelligence. As a result, we deliver outstanding results and go above and beyond the call of duty.


Moneta is an industry leader that operates domestically and internationally, serving a diverse range of clientele.


Integrity is a critical part of our industry, and Moneta has a blemish-free record to prove and garnered a reputation for delivering superior results. 

It is critical that the investigative professionals do the work of investigating, using thoughtful analyses and human creativity to solve problems and produce results that matter. - D. Moneta

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Client-focused, all-inclusive solutions that protect you and your bottom line while safeguarding your reputation and keeping you OUT of the headlines.


Moneta Intelligence Group is an interdisciplinary team with a wealth of experience conducing investigations. Our highly skilled team maintains the highest standards of professionalism and strict confidentiality.

We are a multidisciplinary and multilingual team of professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds including finance, corporate security, forensic accounting, journalism, law, law enforcement, and psychology.

Our team goes above and beyond to satisfy your needs. We always get the job done when you need it.​

For more information on the services we offer please contact us using the form below, or at or +1 212 721 4470. You can also use Whatsapp at +1 646 335 2064.

Background Checks and Screenings
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Background Checks and Screenings

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Moneta checks the boxes

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Moneta checks all the boxes



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