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MONETA is a private, medium-sized, woman-owned U.S. company based in New York City.  We've been in the background checking business since 1995. 

We are a fully compliant, transparent, and on-demand service company that does not outsource. Why? Because it matters.  Because we care.


We're real people. Talented, experienced, genuine researchers, and investigators who understand your needs, challenges, and turnaround times. 

Real people who analyze raw data, discern connections, and follow leads until we reach the correct conclusion


We believe in the power of collaboration and value the unique perspectives and contributions of our team members.. an interdisciplinary group that maintains the highest standards of professionalism, experience, confidentiality and reliability.

Why Choose Moneta


Moneta provides all-inclusive solutions worldwide that protect you, your team, your company, and your bottom line while keeping you OUT of the headlines. 

Background Checks

On-Demand Background Checks. We combine the latest screening technologies with old-school dedication, smarts, and human interaction.


Moneta Develops information leading to your competitive advantage and success in the marketplace while anticipating what your rivals may be doing.

Moneta has been a DFS background check provider for more than 25 years. Let us guide you through the DFS background check process.

Helping you comply with Know Your Customer, Anti-money Laundering and other screening regulations quicky and efficiently

"Outstanding Due Diligence Investigations and Analysis"

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