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The Global
Intelligence &
Background Check

Always there for the corporate, financial and legal communities with high-end specialized background checks and investigations -- done quickly and cost-effectively worldwide. 

Background Checks and Screenings


Founded in 1995, Moneta is a leading, full-service, intelligence, investigative and on-demand background checking company headquartered in New York City.

Moneta is the real deal -- Experienced, genuine investigators and researchers who go above and beyond for Clients.

Moneta has a long-standing reputation for successful investigations and integrity among its cross-section of clientele, domestic and international.   A leader in the industry, with a reputation for achieving results, our successful and blemish-free track record proves it. 

Why Choose Moneta

Why Choose Moneta


Our Services

Moneta Intelligence Group provides all-inclusive solutions worldwide that protect you, your team, your company, and your bottom line while keeping you OUT of the headlines. 

Specialized Background Checks

We combine the latest screening technologies with old-school dedication, smarts, and human interaction.

Business Intelligence

Develops information leading to your competitive advantage and success in the marketplace while anticipating what your rivals may be doing.

Helping you comply with Know Your Customer, Anti-money Laundering and other screening regulations quicky and efficiently


We quickly expose concealed or overlooked facts, including breaches of fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, and vendor collusions.

Legal Intelligence

Moneta offers investigative and intelligence gathering services on behalf of attorneys and their clients to help build strong cases.

Let us guide you through the background check process, and Moneta delivers Background Check Packages to DFS Examiners.

Our Team

Moneta Intelligence Group comprises an interdisciplinary team that maintains the highest standards of professionalism, experience, confidentiality and reliability.

We are a diverse team of multi-disciplined, multi-lingual professionals with backgrounds in finance, corporate security, finance, forensic accounting, journalism, law, law enforcement, and psychology.

Our combined backgrounds form a team that goes above and beyond to satisfy your needs. We always get the job done when you need it.​

Background Checks and Screenings
Background Checks and Screenings

Serving a Multinational Clientele

Academic Institutions

Compliance Officers

Family Offices

Fortune 500 Companies

Healthcare Orgs.

Law Firms



Financial Services


Hedge Funds

Public Accounting Firms

"Outstanding Due Diligence Investigations and Analysis"

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Get Started

Moneta will help you mitigate risks, resolve problems and capitalize on business opportunities.

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