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Moneta provides the gold standard of service to you and the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS). 

For more than 25 years, we have worked with the DFS on behalf of mortgage banks and other financial institutions in meeting their rigorous licensing requirements, including background checks.

Let Moneta guide you through the background check process.  We know the DFS requirements for Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Loan Servicers, Mortgage Loan Originators and more.

Moneta exceeds the DFS' requirements by delivering comprehensive Background Check Packages: Certification Letter, Background Check Report, Credit Report, three Professional References, New Media, Professional License Information, and any other supporting documents.

Moneta works with the DFS Bank Examiners until your application process is complete.  No additional fees for this service. 


From start to finish, Moneta is there for you. 



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Moneta works with financial companies throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Guiding them seamlessly through the licensing process, becoming their liaison with NYS Bank Examiners, and providing the most comprehensive, yet cost effective background check packages in the industry.

Moneta maintains the highest standards of professionalism, experience, confidentiality and reliability with its Clients and with NYS DFS Examiners.

What is the process?  and other FAQs

How does the NYSDFS Background Check process work?

1.  Applicant fills out our short and user-friendly Consent Form

2. Applicant clicks ‘Submit’, Moneta receives the Form and commences the background check. 

3. Moneta uploads all documents, forms, and background check process to your free Online Client Portal. 

We have already completed the NYSDFS Personal Questionnaire. Do we still need to complete Moneta's Consent Form?

No.   You would just need to attach your completed NYSDFS Questionnaire to our Form.  Also, you need to sign our form to give us permission to obtain your credit report. 

What is the Scope of the NYSDFS Backcground Check?

  • Verification of Subject’s Personal Identification (SSN, DOB etc.)

  • Verification of Professional History: All or 10-yr. history

  • Verification of Education/Degrees: All undergraduate and above

  • Verification of Professional Licenses

  • Corporate Affiliations (includes Board Directorships)

  • Credit Report Review & Summary

  • Criminal Court Records Research: All applicable jurisdictions

  • Civil Court Records Research: All applicable jurisdictions

  • Driver Record Review

  • News Media Research

  • Regulatory/Licensure Research

  • Sex Offender Records Research

  • Professional References

Note. If one is applying as an Exempt Loan Servicer, professional references are not needed.

What are your deliverables?

Within three business days into the assignment, the Moneta Investigator apprises the Client of the background check’s progress and red flags, if any.  On completion of the assignment, Moneta will prepare a Comprehensive Background Check Report Package and deliver it to the specified NYS DFS examiner. 


Moneta will collaborate with the Client and NYSDFS Examiner and other NYSDFS representatives on the assignment for any length of time needed, at no additional cost to the Client.

How does the NYS DFS receive your Background Check Reports?

Since the start of the pandemic, Moneta has delivered Reports and supporting documents electronically through our encrypted email platform..

My company needs to order several NYS DFS background checks at once. How do we do that?

You may call in your request, e-mail it to us, or simply fill out this Order Form.

How long does a NYSDFS Background Check take?

Approximately 14 business days.  It could take longer depending on the responses from professional references, responses from HR re verifications, and other variables. .  

Does Moneta require payment up front?

Moneta requires 50% up front and the remaining balance within 30 days from the invoice date. Payments to Moneta are not contingent in any way and are due whether or not our Client receives reimbursement from its Client or other third-party.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes. Lets discuss. Contact Diana Moneta directly at 1 (646) 335-2064.