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Moneta provides the gold standard of service to you and the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). 

We'll Guide You.

For more than 27 years, we have worked with the NYSDFS on behalf of mortgage lenders and financial institutions to help them comply with complex licensing requirements and obtain background checks.

Let Moneta guide you through the background check process.  We have extensive knowledge of the NYSDFS requirements for mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, mortgage loan servicers, mortgage loan originators and other financial institutions.

With You Until It's Complete

Moneta exceeds the NYSDFS’ requirements by delivering comprehensive Background Check Packages including: Certification Letter, Background Check Report, Credit Report, three Professional References, New Media Information, Professional License Information, and pertinent supporting documents.

Moneta works with the DFS Bank Examiners until your application process is complete.

Count on Moneta to be there from start to finish providing professional guidance and actionable intelligence.

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Moneta works with financial companies throughout the U.S. and around the world.

We guide financial companies seamlessly through the licensing process, becoming their liaison with NYSDFS Bank Examiners.

Moneta provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective background check packages in the industry.


Moneta maintains the highest standards of professionalism, experience, confidentiality and reliability with its clients and with NYSDFS Examiners

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