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Why Moneta? The answers are P.L.A.I.N.

Personal Not Robotic

"The service business isn't what it used to be." How many times have you said it?

We hear you.  That is why Moneta serves its clients super-responsively, personally, and with quick turnaround times. 

  • Single Point of Contact from start to finish

  • Immediate notification of red flags

  • Super-responsive

  • Individualized daily progress updates

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Leaders in the Industry

Moneta is an industry leader, having being in business for nearly three decades, with NO OUTSIDE INVESTORS. 

We have a blemish-free record of successfully assisting a range of clientele worldwide. and have never been involved in any lawsuits, judgments, or adverse news media. Very few-if any firms earned this distinction.

Our principal competitive advantage is not just in data collection, but in our ability to analyze raw data, discern connections, and follow leads until we reach the correct conclusion.    

Attentive & Accountable

We are the business professionals in business investigations. Moneta understands the challenges business professionals face in the marketplace. Some challenges are budget constraints, successfully negotiating deals, and dealing with time constraints.

Our team collects vital data and provides reports with actionable intelligence in a timely fashion.  Clients use this information to make informed decisions with respect to hiring, investing, reputation management, and other critical areas.


Integrity is in Our DNA

Trust and credibility are vital assets. At Moneta, integrity is part of our very DNA. We deliver outstanding results for our clients by employing the latest technology in gathering actionable intelligence – information that meets their specific needs.  Diana Moneta, the company's founder, is still at the helm yet remains down to earth, easy to reach, and always glad to assist.

Never Outsourced

Unlike others, Moneta does not outsource its assignments or customer service. All research and investigations are conducted domestically and on a worldwide basis.  Our clients communicate directly with our investigators, researchers and customer service team, all based in the United States, where Moneta is headquartered.

And 'N' is also for nice.  We are nice folks. 

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