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Healthcare Industry Background Checks


Since 1995, Moneta has worked with hospitals, medical offices, and nursing homes to help automate, manage, and control screening programs. Our screening and identification solutions help ensure patient and team safety while minimizing regulatory exposure and reputation risk.

"The Moneta firm is unique from others in their approach"

Pre-Deal Background & Executive Executive Vetting

Domestic and international pre-deal background investigations are at the heart of Moneta’s business.  We delve into the backgrounds and reputations of individuals and companies before transactions, such as acquisitions, financing, and joint ventures.

Pre Emp


Our Pre-Employment Background Checks will uncover any applicant who has inflated his or her work experience, manipulated the information to cover up work experience, has insufficient work experience, or any misrepresentations/omissions of facts, and more. The safety and security of the people in your organization is essential. Moneta's Pre-Employment Background Checks help you reduce the risk of hiring someone who can become a significant liability. ​ Moneta focuses on providing employers information to assist in their hiring process as well as ongoing monitoring post hire with Refresh Background Checks.

We can streamline your HR process, and ensure you meet employment regulatory and compliance laws.  Candidates can easily provide essential background information via our secure online FCRA/GDPR-Compliant Disclosure/Consent Form. 


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