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Moneta is a leading provider of background checks and executive vetting services, combining the latest screening technologies with old-school dedication, smarts, and human interaction.

Sure, automation is essential – just not for background checks or investigations. Automation for you means everything from tedious background check requests to deciphering background check results.

Moneta respects the investigative process and cares too much about our customers to offer automated anything!   Our background checks are conducted by skilled, seasoned investigators and researchers who draw on their wealth of knowledge to find information, analyze it, and present it clearly and accurately, empowering you to make the most informed decisions.

We Can Help You Answer

  • What type of background check does my organization need?

  • What kind of screening procedures should we follow?

  • How extensive a background check is necessary?

  • What should be included in our background check?

Types of Searches

  • Verifying Identities

  • Civil and Criminal Checks

  • Know Your Customer

  • Judgments and Liens

  • Bankruptcies

  • Media Searches

  • Social Media / Web Check

  • Education Verification

  • Professional History Verification

  • Political Contributions

  • Driving Record Check

  • Credit Report Checks

  • Enforcement Actions

  • Global Sanctions Watchlist 

  • Corporate Records

  • Corporate Tree / Ultimate Owner

  • Real Property Searches

  • Sexual Misconduct Searches

  • Government Exposure Checks

  • Political Contributions

  • Reference Checks

  • Reputation Inquiries

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Executive + Board Member Vetting Services

Moneta thoroughly checks out an executive’s past performance, track record, and public persona.  We also look for any potential controversies or conflicts to which the executive could be linked.

How? In part, we look for personal associations, professional background, legal disputes or lawsuits involving the executive or the organizations with which they had been associated.

Whatever the reason for a background check, Moneta will find the answers.

  • Is every facet of the executive's background credible?

  • Are you aware that a candidate is covering up questionable work experience?

  • Is a candidate covering up a lack of experience or questionable non-work-related activities?

Moneta will help you find answers to these questions and more.  Moneta reports the critical information you need, when you need it.

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Healthcare Industry Background Checks

Nearly every day, we are reminded why accurate and efficient background screening services are so important, with headlines like 'Fake Nurse Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison, Ordered to Repay Employer $700,000'.

Keeping your organization informed and out of the headlines is one of our core missions. But in addition, ask yourself, would you like:

  • More accurate background screening information?

  • Better turnaround times?

  • Peace of mind knowing you’re working to provide a safer environment for your patients, staff, and visitors?


Since 1995, Moneta has worked with clients like Sunrise Senior Living to provide the most comprehensive and efficient background screening services. We understand the demands and regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry.


Moneta’s screening and identification solutions help ensure patient safety while minimizing regulatory exposure and reputation risk.

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Pre-Investment Background Checks

Domestic and international pre-deal background investigations are at the heart of Moneta’s business.  We delve into the backgrounds and reputations of individuals and companies before transactions, such as acquisitions, financings, and joint ventures.

We verify the professed qualifications and track records of people with whom our clients are considering these deals. We also uncover inconsistencies, omissions, or undisclosed controversies in their backgrounds.

Moneta identifies risk-relevant issues bearing on integrity and reputation, such as Legal disputes Financial problems, Regulatory issues, Media controversies, Undisclosed relationships.

Our clients include:

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Hedge Funds            

  • LIHTC Syndicators

  • Investment Banks    

  • Corporations

  • Venture Capital Firms

  • Government Agencies

  • Capital Lenders        

  • Institutional Investors

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"The team is responsive and able to meet any deadline, which is crucial in the real estate industry. Their professionalism is like no other!"

Clients come to us before putting their capital or reputations at risk. We conduct thorough and discreet inquiries into the business acumen, reputation, and financial stability of target companies and key personnel.

Comprehensive due diligence so you better protect your investments and make decisions with confidence.


Pre-Employment Background Checks

Hiring an employee is a major responsibility for any organization.  The safety and security of the people in your organization is essential. Moneta's Pre-Employment Background Checks help employers reduce the risk of hiring someone who can become a significant liability. 


Moneta focuses on provide relevant information for employers to evaluate during the hiring process, as well as ongoing monitoring of post hire.

We streamline your HR process, ensuring you meet all employment regulatory and compliance standards. Candidates need only complete our secure, online FCRA/GDPR-Compliant Disclosure/Consent Form, allowing them to quickly and safely provide all required information using any electronic device.

Our Pre-Employment Background Checks will uncover any applicant who has inflated his or her work experience, manipulated the information to cover up work experience, lack of work experience,  or any misrepresentations/omissions of the facts, and more.


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