See below for a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that does not appear please contact us at or receive an immediate response by texting us at +1 844-326-0078.

My company needs to order several background checks at once. How do we do that?

You may call in your request, e-mail it to us, or simply fill out this Order Form.

What if I only need individual searches as opposed to a background check?

You may order individual searches as opposed to an entire background check. This could be risky depending on your need.  Click here to request any search you require, such as criminal search, ID verification, regulatory searches, etc.

Does Moneta have in place GDPR and FCRA policies?

Yes.  When an applicant begins to complete our Authorization Form, there is a section allowing the applicant to review the policies. We can also send them to you ahead of time.

How does Moneta price its background checks and intelligence assignments?

Moneta’s background checks (from Pre-Employment to Comprehensive Screening) are fee-based, plus expenses, as opposed to an increased flat fee.  Price for background checks range from $895 to $5,950, depending on the level of background check required. 

Regarding intelligence and investigative services, Moneta charges per hour.  We will discuss with you the nature of your request, your needs, what information you already know.  We will then  provide an estimate based on time and expenses.  Estimates, scope of assignments, expenses, etc., will be confirmed with you before we commence work.  

Does Moneta require payment up front?

Moneta requires 50% up front and the remaining balance within 30 days from the invoice date. Payments to Moneta are not contingent in any way and are due whether or not our Client receives reimbursement from its Client or other third-party.

How will we receive our Reports (i.e., Background Check Reports, Intelligence Reports?

Two ways: Moneta delivers Reports via secure email and uploads them to your Online Client Portal.

How does Moneta handle its Clients’ information and personal information of the people and companies it investigates?

Moneta does not provide or disclose any Client or Subject information to any third-parties outside of our organization and our network of suppliers, outside sources and independent contractors. Before we commence any assignment, Moneta will provide you with its full Privacy/Confidentiality policies.

What information is not reportable under the FCRA?

A) Unless the annual salary of the applicant/employee is expected to meet or exceed $75,000 annually, the FCRA restricts the reporting of certain information deemed obsolete, as noted below (note: some states have laws that pre-empt the FCRA’s salary cap. California, for example, generally limits the reporting of most information to seven years, except for bankruptcy, which is 10 years, regardless of the salary amount).

  • Civil lawsuits, civil judgments and arrest records that antedate the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limitations has expired, whichever is longer;

  • Accounts placed for collection or charged to profit-and-loss which antedate the report by more than seven years;

  • Bankruptcies after 10 years;

  • Paid tax liens after seven years;

  • Any other negative information after seven years (except criminal convictions for which the FCRA places no time limit unless state law provides otherwise).

B) General or neutral information such as discrepancies in employment dates, position titles, degrees earned, etc. is not considered “adverse information” for purposes of the FCRA.

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